10 Ways to Save Big on Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation

1) Ask birthday fairy! -- You know your kids, and you’re thinking that they’re going to want to shop some at Disney World. But that increases your expenses in the parks. How about this—at holiday and birthday time, aunts, uncles and grandparents often don’t know what to give the kids. They usually ask you or your kids for gift ideas. Why not put “Disney gift card” on those wish lists? Hey, it never hurts to ask, and often, if family members know you’re headed to meet the Mouse soon, they delight in giving the kids gift cards they can use while they’re at Disney World.

A vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort is, hands down, the most magical vacation you can experience with your family, but it doesn’t have to cause you financial heartburn if you plan ahead and use some of these ten tips to help you save some dough.

By Caitlin Kane