10 Ways To Avoid Stressing Out In Walt Disney World Parks

4. Arrive Early and Stay Late -- One of the biggest ways that guests stress themselves out when visiting the Disney Parks is by attempting to see and do it all in one vacation. In addition to accepting that this simply can’t be done, guests can avoid this stress by strategically visiting the parks during times when they are typically less crowded. By doing so, guests can avoid large crowds, long wait times on popular attractions, and difficulty getting around thanks to busy walkways. Some of the best times to enjoy the Disney Parks are early in the mornings and late at night. The early mornings are typically quiet as some guests take a while to get moving and usually don’t arrive to the parks right when they open. Late nights are also an amazing time to accomplish a lot in the Disney Parks as guests with small children or who have been going all day long tend to tire out and head back to the Disney Resorts. Thus, early morning and late nights are great times to avoid stressing out in the parks and enjoying fewer crowds and lower wait times than normal.