10 Ways To Avoid Stressing Out In Walt Disney World Parks

9. Take Time To Cool Off -- The weather in Central Florida can be pretty extreme and include all ends of the spectrum from hurricane to one hundred plus degree heat and humidity. Since many guests are vacationing in Walt Disney World and are not from the area, they are not used to the intense heat that comes with it. Guests who try to see everything and don’t pause for breaks in the Disney Parks are headed for a crash where they are sure to not feel well and not enjoy their time in the parks. Guests who spend long days in the parks should be sure to prioritize stopping to enjoy cooling off every few hours. This can mean stopping for a meal in an air conditioned location, popping into a shopping location to peruse items for a few minutes, or enjoying an attraction that features comfortable seats and pumping air conditioning. Guests might be surprised how much a few minutes’ worth of air conditioning can lower their stress and reenergize them for the hours to come. Some of the best attractions to cool off in throughout the Disney Parks are Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, the Hall of Presidents, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, Spaceship Earth, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, the American Adventure, the Great Movie Ride, and Dinosaur.