10 Ways To Avoid Stressing Out In Walt Disney World Parks

10. Stop For Meals -- The Disney Parks are home to hundreds of locations where guests can enjoy a snack, meal, or drink. These locations range from snack carts and quick service dining locations to character meals and signature dining experiences. Each dining location in the Disney Parks also offers up unique menu options that cover many different types of cuisine and culinary styles. Guests who are spending time exploring and enjoying the theme parks should plan on stopping to enjoy each meal of the day to help them avoid stress. By planning to pause and sit down to enjoy each meal, guests are giving themselves a chance to get off of their feet, rest, and simply relax for a few minutes. While most restaurants are indoors and feature air conditioning, even the open air locations can provide some stress relief by offering up delicious food and comfortable chairs to take a break in. Planning to stop and enjoy each meal of the day in the Disney Parks is an easy way to cut down on stress.