10 Ways To Avoid Stressing Out In Walt Disney World Parks

1. FastPasses -- One of the easiest ways to avoid stress in the Disney Parks is to take advantage of a free system that is available for every guest to use. FastPasses are a type of reservation where a guest can choose a specific attraction or experience and choose a time to visit it and enjoy it with little to no wait time. Guests are entitled to book three FastPasses per day in advance and once they use their initial three, they can continue to book additional ones one at a time. Guests who stay on property at a Disney Resort can book their FastPasses up to sixty days in advance and those who stay off property can book up to thirty days in advance. FastPasses are an incredibly popular way to save time and frustration in the parks which also helps to avoid stress. FastPasses allow guests to enjoy some of the most popular attractions and experiences in the Disney Parks without losing lots of time spent waiting in line for the same experience. Some of the best options to book a FastPass for are the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, Soarin’ Around the World, Frozen Ever After, Test Track Presented by Chevrolet, Toy Story Mania, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Dinosaur, Avatar Flight of Passage, and Na’vi River Journey.
By Caitlin Kane