10 Walt Disney World Experiences That Closed Too Soon

5) Body Wars at EPCOT, 1989 – 2007 As with most attractions at Walt Disney World, this one had a backstory, a premise, if you will. Guests boarded the Bravo 229 Probe Ship—a “body probe vehicle,” then shrank to microscopic size and entered under the skin of the body of a complete stranger. Sounds odd at best and a little macabre at worst. But if you could get past the initial ickiness, it had some interesting parts to it. After all, Body Wars was a motion simulator ride that made Guests truly feel as though they were traveling through the human body and viewing its many parts from the inside. This was, of course, after they were briefed on their mission, which was to observe white blood cells in action around a splinter that was stuck in the skin of the patient. But—oops—the probe ship ended up heading in the wrong direction, which in turn took Guests on a fast and furious simulated ride through the body. A little piece of the attraction still exists in the form of the Star Tours attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which uses the same ATLAS simulation technology that was used by Body Wars.