10 Tips & Tricks For Dining Around Epcot’s World Showcase

6. Sitting with Other Guests – Most typical restaurants in Walt Disney World have guests sitting at their own tables, but two options in world showcase embrace a community feel and pair guests with other parties at large tables. The Biergarten Restaurant features massive picnic tables that can seat upwards of eight guests comfortably, and parties will definitely be combined for both lunch and dinner. While this might seem awkward to some guests, once the delicious food, oompah band, and beer appear, everyone becomes fast friends and has a great time! The Japan Pavilion is also home to another full service restaurant that has guests sit with other parties at communal tables. Teppan Edo is open daily for lunch and dinner and features a Teppan-yaki-style of cooking that involves guests sitting around a large grill where a chef freshly prepares everything in an entertaining way. Each table at Tappan Edo seats at least eight, so parties are sure to be combined in the busy location, however the enjoyment of watching all of the food being prepared and interacting with the chefs takes any of the awkwardness away! Some delicious menu options at Teppan Edo include Julienne Beef, Filet Mignon, NY Cut Steak, Tori, Yasai, and Salmon. (Photo credit: Disney)