10 Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Crowds at Walt Disney World

7) Pace yourself.

When you’re visiting Disney World with your family, be sure to focus on your time together, the experiences you’ll have together and the opportunity to make life-long memories together. The crowds will play a role in your experience, but if you pace yourself when it comes to your trip itinerary, you will enjoy your time more. If you show up to the parks on the first day of your vacation, armed with an iron-clad itinerary that allows no time for anything that’s not on the itinerary, or if that itinerary is so rigidly planned that you barely have time to make it from one attraction to the next, not only will you find yourself very stressed, but depending on the time of year you visit Disney, you may find yourself very disappointed. While in the parks, you and your family will want to pace yourselves so that you enjoy every minute of your time there—whether you experience 5 attractions or 20. If your only goal in the parks is to cross every single item off your Disney World bucket list, you will almost definitely be disappointed. When the parks are crowded, stand-by lines are longer than during non-peak seasons. Lines at counter-service restaurants are longer, and experiences like parades and nighttime spectaculars have much higher numbers in attendance. But if your goal at Disney is to enjoy every little thing, those crowds and lines will have less of a negative effect on your vacation. Rigidity in schedules in the parks only makes for sour faces—especially during crowded seasons at Disney.