10 Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Crowds at Walt Disney World

8) A note about Floridians

I’m currently a citizen in the Lone Star State, but I aspire to one day be a Floridian. How great it must be to live in the same state as Mickey! And while Floridians get a break in the price of their annual passes as compared with non-Florida residents and enjoy the option of paying for them with monthly payments, many Guests who are native to Florida make themselves scarce when the summer travelers come to the parks—can you blame them? It’s crowded already in the summer—imagine if all the usual locals were there too! But when the summer months are over, as well as before they begin, Florida residents frequent the parks—sometimes for a long summer vacation and sometimes just for the weekend, so don’t think that going during non-peak seasons means you’ll have the park to yourself. We’ve got to share—and there’s enough Disney to go around!