10 Things You Need to Do on a Short Trip to Walt Disney World

3. At least one totally sinful dessert

If you’re going to Disney World, be prepared to feel like a kid again—in a lot of ways. And though we know we can’t always eat like kids and not pay the price, it is certainly fun to treat ourselves to something decadent while we’re there—something we might never eat back home. Disney World has no shortage of desserts for which the word “sinful” would be an understatement. Take your pick—cupcakes, brownies, a 6-scoop ice cream treat called Mickey’s Kitchen Sink, every flavor of ice cream and gelato, cookies as big as your face, pastries—the list goes on. And on. And on. So if you’re going to enjoy a short trip to Disney World, you’ve got to treat yourself to a dreamy dessert—at least once. And if you’re so moved to enjoy a second, we won’t judge!