10 Things We Won’t Do Again at Walt Disney World

8.) We won’t neglect to bring a park bag.

Once upon a time my husband, my four children and I visited Disney World, and we thought we could just keep everything we needed in our pockets while we explored the parks. Wrong answer. We discovered very quickly that we needed several things while we were in the parks that we hadn’t thought of beforehand. We subsequently discovered that no, we could not carry everything we needed in our pockets. When we came back the next day, we did so with a park bag—a backpack in which we could fit all that we would need while we were at Disney—things like ponchos, cash, Disney gift cards, debit cards, a portable charger for our phones, extra socks for everyone (in case the Florida downpours soaked the ones we were already wearing) and a Ziploc bag in which to put the wet socks, pennies and quarters for pressing, extra snacks for the little ones and baby wipes. Your park bag—don’t leave home without it!