10 Special Services You May Not Know About at Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida boasts just about the best customer service on Earth. The resort is the hub of world-class entertainment and world-class support for, and service to, customers, or as Disney refers to its visitors—Guests. At Guest Services, Guests can make dining reservations, upgrade their theme park tickets, purchase annual passes, make special requests, get answers to their questions and delve into a wealth of information on any topic related to Disney World.

But beyond mere customer services and help with maps and lost phones, Disney World offers many other special services to make Guests’ experiences at the parks more magical and more memorable than they ever imagined. You may not know about some of these services, but they are available to Guests, and most have been in place for quite some time. Some of these services assist Guests in planning their trip to the parks, while others assist Guests in making the most of celebrations in the parks or at Disney Resort hotels. The best part about these special services is that many of them can be accessed via the internet!

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