10 Secrets Most People Don’t Know About Shopping at Walt Disney World

Johnny Depp with weapon

9. No guns

In 2015, Disney World decided it would no longer sell toy guns or gun replicas. Before 2015, Guests could purchase muskets in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom. They could also buy replicas of Buzz Lightyear’s laser blasters. But those types of “souvenirs” are no longer sold at Disney World. You can, however, still purchase swords (think Pirates of the Caribbean). And if you’re into Jedis, the Resistance, the Rebellion, Tatooine, Kylo Ren, Hans Solo and all things Star Wars, you’re in luck! You can still buy light sabers. And if you’re feeling creative, you can even make your very own light saber just the way you want it at Tatooine Traders—the gift shop through which you exit after you experience the Star Tours attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (Photo credit: Business Insider)