10 Secrets Most People Don’t Know About Shopping at Walt Disney World

1. If you forgot something, don’t worry.

It’s happened to a lot of us—you’ve been at Disney World for a whole week. Sometimes two or three weeks. And there were a few souvenirs you wanted to be sure you bought before heading back home. And then things got crazy toward the end of your trip as you were racing to cross every item off our Disney World bucket list, and you just didn’t get around to purchasing those things. Or you saw something you really wanted, but you just couldn’t fit one more thing into that suitcase for the plane ride home. Well, in Disney’s unparalleled customer service, some brilliant person came up with an idea to help you buy souvenirs from Disney World after you get back home! You’ll just need to download the Shop Disney Parks app on your smartphone. From the app, you can view authentic park merchandise, select the items you want, purchase them and have them shipped to your home or office! You can even find authentic park items at www.ShopDisney.com. How cool is that?

By Becky Burkett