10 Secret Pressed Penny Locations At Walt Disney World

7.) Epcot Bead Outpost – Epcot’s World Showcase is a continuously busy area in Walt Disney World thanks to its eleven pavilions which allow guests to travel around the world and enjoy authentic cuisine, entertainment, and more. While each pavilion is wonderful to explore, there is a unique area between two of them that is worth spending some time in. The Outpost can be found between the China Pavilion and Germany Pavilion and is themed to feel like a location in Africa. Guests can enjoy snacks and beverages from the Refreshment Outpost, purchase items from Village Traders, and even spot a con press machine. This particular penny machine has four options that perfectly capture the spirit of adventure found in the Outpost. Guests can choose between Rafiki’s drawing of Simba, Pumbaa, Simba, and Timon with the Epcot logo, Mickey Mouse dressed as Indiana Jones, and Donald dressed for safari looking at paw prints on the ground. (Photo credit: Pinterest)