10 Scams to Avoid When Planning Your Walt Disney World Vacation

old Downey tickets

7) “Unused” Disney tickets

There are so many con-artists out there who want to take from others, that they have resorted to selling “unused” Disney tickets. At first thought, it sounds quasi-reputable. People buy 10-day tickets and only use 5 days. So now you can purchase those 5-day tickets at a great discount, right? Wrong—for two reasons: first, Disney uses a biometrics system at the park gates—your ticket must match your fingerprint—the same fingerprint you have used every time you’ve been to the parks on that ticket. If you bought used tickets, your fingerprint wouldn’t match the previous person’s, and you will be denied entry. Second, in 2011, the Sunshine State made it illegal to resale a partially-used multi-day Disney World ticket. Don’t fall victim to this very old scam.