10 Scams to Avoid When Planning Your Walt Disney World Vacation

10) Unbelievably low prices on Disney World vacation packages You may have received a phone call from a telemarketer, offering you a trip to Disney at an unbelievable rate. The phone calls usually offer something like a 4 night/5 day vacation for four to Walt Disney World for $1200. Remember that word “unbelievable?” In this case it means “you are being scammed.” For starters, you’ve been given no details about the accommodations included in this vacation package. And then if you have looked online at Disney’s website to get an idea about ticket prices, you know that the cost of 2 adult 4-day tickets and 2 child 4-day tickets is almost $1,400. Add in the cost of even the most inexpensively-priced value resort for 4 nights, and you’re looking at another $1200, and that’s before taxes. How can a Disney vacation valued at over $2,600 be yours for $1200? The short answer is it can’t. If you find yourself in this conversation over the phone, politely stop the telemarketer and say that you aren’t interested. Because you aren’t interested in handing your money over to a scam artist.

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