10 Rules You Absolutely Cannot Break At Walt Disney World

8. You cannot use someone else’s MagicBand or ticket entitlements.

At the entrance turnstiles to each of the four Disney World theme parks, you either tap your ticket or MagicBand and scan your fingerprint at the glowing Mickey head at the kiosk. When the Mickey head glows green, you’re good to go into the park. Each day that you enter a theme park, you must use the same finger and ticket or MagicBand (or a different MagicBand that is linked to your name). There are times when a friend or family member may have days left on their tickets that they aren’t using; perhaps they offer those tickets to you. But you’ll have to graciously decline the offer. Disney World tickets are non-transferrable, which means they cannot be used by more than one person. The handy-dandy fingerprint scan ensures that this doesn’t happen. So if you attempt to use someone else’s ticket, the Cast Member at the gate will be alerted, and you will not be permitted to enter the park until you have a ticket that either hasn’t been used yet or that is linked to your name.