10 Restaurants in Disney Films That Should Be Created at Walt Disney World


3. Harryhausen’s, inspired by Monsters, Inc.

This fun sushi table-service restaurant could be built near the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. The menu would feature some of the items from the menu in the feature film, including Terrible Teriyaki, Ickki Ishikari and Slimy Sashimi. Obviously, the items would have more of an appeal to humans than to monsters but using names from the film would make the restaurant more believable as the real deal. The walls would be adorned with “photos” of citizens of Monstropolis who’ve dined at Harryhausen’s before.

2. An Aussie restaurant, inspired by Finding Nemo

I know—it would appear that neither Nemo nor Marlin (or any of their close friends) is Australian. If they are, they sure don’t have the accent! But it just so happens that the part of the ocean in which our fishy friends surfaced is Sydney Harbour, and it would be fun to open a restaurant at Disney World that serves up favorites from the outback. It would be well-suited at EPCOT near The Seas with Nemo and Friends pavilion in Future World. Everybody loves shrimp on the barbie—or anything on the barbie! Other offerings would include roast lamb, bluefin tuna, rock lobster and fish and chips. Pavlova would be a nice addition too!

1. Bring back Pizza Planet, inspired by Toy Story

It was perfect. It was fun. It drew huge crowds. But alas, our beloved Pizza Planet that was a staple on Streets of America at Disney’s Hollywood Studios—from 1996 to 2016—is gone. It closed in January of 2016 to undergo a major refurbishment, which would change the fun Toy Story-themed eatery into a Muppets-themed eatery called “PizzeRizzo.” Pizza Planet at Disney World was just like the restaurant from Toy Story. Pizzas were served, and arcade games were everywhere. It was a fun atmosphere. And while we like PizzeRizzo too, it’s time for Pizza Planet to resurface—and we have the perfect place—inside the new Toy Story Land, slated to open this summer. To date, there is only one eatery in Toy Story Land, called Woody’s Lunch Box. Let’s bring back Pizza Planet, and this time, let’s make it a permanent fixture at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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