10 Reasons You Should Become a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder

A vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort is unlike any other vacation you will experience. It’s truly magical, and memories made at Disney last a lifetime. A trip to the parks can be pricey, though, and it’s smart to plan ahead and take advantage of any money-saving tips and discounts available to you. One of the most money-saving offers is one you can only get through Disney, and at first glance, it might not seem like a money-saving option at all. But if you and your family are frequent visitors at the parks, there may be a way for you to save some green while enjoying the most magical place on earth to the fullest! My family and I live outside of Dallas, Texas—some 1,100 miles from our happy place. Because we live so far from the parks, it might seem odd that we would purchase Annual Passes. But it has proved to be the very best way for us to experience our most favorite place on earth. Here are ten reasons we chose to become Disney World Annual Passholders—ten reasons you should too!

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