10 Reasons You Should Become a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder

8) Discounts on merchandise

I can’t look around my house without seeing some momento from a past trip to the parks and we buy more souvenirs each time we visit. That Sleeping Beauty knick-knack by Jim Shore just got me. There was that one Disney trading pin (or 20) that we’d never seen before at the Emporium on Main Street. My sons had to build just one more lightsaber after our FastPass+ at Star Tours (they had every color of lightsaber but green). 

Thank goodness for our Annual Passholder discount of 20% on all the loot we bring home! If you love the parks and find yourself doing more than just window shopping, you should consider purchasing an Annual Pass. The discounts on merchandise add up more quickly than the discounts on dining! And you can feel 20% less guilty about your purchases!