10 Rainy Day Experiences to Have at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT

10.) Experience Spaceship Earth and Project Tomorrow

Just after you enter the gates at EPCOT, you begin walking toward the huge geodesic iconic sphere called Spaceship Earth. It’s the perfect attraction to enjoy when the Florida rains fall. Board a time rover that takes you back in time—to over 40,000 years ago. Take a brief tour of the last 4,000 centuries and learn how communication developed and was perfected over the years to bring us from the age of cave drawings all the way to the Information Age. Take part in an interactive activity onboard your time rover as you answer questions about your preferences and help to build a snapshot of your future, thanks to advances in technology, renewable resources and more. After you disembark and exit the ride, you’re invited to explore Project Tomorrow, an interactive exhibit full of games, competitions and other hands-on activities. By the time you’re finished here, the rain may very well have let up!