10 Most Difficult Things to Navigate Currently at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

COVID-19 has made life look so much different than we ever could have imagined. We need to social distance and do what we can to keep germs at a minimum to stop the spread of this disease. Walt Disney World is doing everything they can to make sure that they can operate safely for all guests and cast members. Here are ten of the most difficult things to navigate currently at Walt Disney World.


10. Disney Park Pass Reservation System

Right now Walt Disney World is limiting capacity to keep everyone safe. Because of this you will need to use the Disney Park Pass Reservation system to get into a theme park. There are plenty of days when one or more parks reach capacity, so make your reservation as early as you can. Annual Passholders are allowed to hold only three Disney Park Pass Reservations at a time, which complicates things even more for many people.

9. Masks

You’ve heard it talked about plenty of times but it needs to be mentioned since it is very important. Right now face coverings are required for all guests two and older and cast members at all times unless actively eating or drinking while stationary. Guests may also remove masks briefly while taking photos. Face coverings must have at least two layers of breathable material with ear loops or ties. Gaiters or masks with valves are not allowed. They must fully cover your nose and mouth and fit securely under your chin. You can make wearing a mask fun, though. Get some cute Disney designs or ones that match your outfit. Make sure to try the mask on at home because you want to make sure it’s one that is comfortable and breathable. You want to make sure it fits correctly as well. One of the biggest complaints with masks is it is harder to understand people while wearing them, so make sure you give cast members some grace and be patient while they are talking to you. We’re all trying to navigate through this together.

8. Lines for Attractions

Right now when you look at the lines for the attractions they may look longer than you’ve ever seen. Look at the wait time instead of the length of the line. They are purposely trying to keep the majority of the line outside, since COVID-19 spreads less outdoor. They are also making sure that all groups maintain at least six feet of distance from each other. Be mindful of the markings on the ground, since Disney is taking the guesswork out of it for you. 


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7. The Disney Skyliner

Many people had not yet had a chance to ride the Disney Skyliner before Walt Disney World shut down because of COVID-19. Thankfully, when they reopened Walt Disney World they reopened the Disney Skyliner as well. Currently they are only putting one party per cabin to maintain social distancing. One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to sometimes change cabins to get to different locations. That means you might need to wait in another line. Just be patient, and know that the cast members are doing what they need to in order to operate safely.

6. Parking

Since Walt Disney World reopened they do have some things that are currently not operating. One of those is the tram that would normally take you from your car to the front of the parks and back again at the end of the evening. Make sure to always check what row number you’re in, because it will be a bad awakening when you’re trying to find your car after an exhausting day. One place that can be really confusing is the parking lot at the Transportation & Ticket Center for the Magic Kingdom. Make sure you notice if you are in the Heroes or Villains sections because they will take you to two opposite parts of the parking lot.

5. The Front of Epcot

Epcot is going through many changes right now, mostly in the front of the park. The new fountain is now visible, but there is still a lot of construction taking place. Pay attention to the directions on the construction walls. That’s the easiest way to figure out the shortest path. It can be kind of confusing but it’s just temporary. 

4. Dining Reservations

Many of the Walt Disney World restaurants have reopened, but they are at limited capacity. For the sit down restaurants it is important to get a dining reservation in advance. There is only a slim chance that you will be able to join the walk up list and get a spot. You can now make dining reservations 60 days in advance instead of 180 days. Also, check to see if the restaurant of your choice has reopened or not, as there are many different dining options that have not yet reopened.

3. Mobile Ordering

If you’re looking for a quick service restaurant, they look a lot different too. Mobile Ordering has been around for quite some time but now it is the preferred way to order food in many spots. Disney is highly recommending that all guests use Mobile Ordering to have less interaction with other people. You just download the My Disney Experience App, sign in, and select a time frame that you will be there. You then order and pay right on the app. Once your time has arrived you show up and hit “prepare my order”. When your order is ready you will receive a notification. Show a cast member at the front door and they will tell you what number station to go to. It is quite simple. Right now the quick service restaurants are only allowing you to sit inside if you or someone in your party is ordering food, so keep that in mind.

2. Park Hours

When you’re trying to plan out your day at Walt Disney World make sure to keep an eye on the park hours. The hours of operation look nothing like they have in the past! Disney does change park hours from time to time, so check once you’re close to the day or days you plan to visit. You can check on the Walt Disney World website or the My Disney Experience App. Knowing the hours will help you to get the most time in at the most magical place on earth.

1. Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue

Many guests had waited so long to finally ride Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Not going to give away any spoilers, but it is definitely a ride like nothing you’ve ever been on before. Since it is so popular you are required to have a spot reserved in the virtual queue. If you have a Disney Park Pass Reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios you need to go on the My Disney Experience App. At 7:00 AM they will allow you to join a boarding group. You can make reservations for everyone in your party at that time, as long as you’re linked on your My Disney Experience account. A word of warning, all of the groups will be filled in a matter of seconds. If you were not able to grab one at 7:00 any extra times will be released at 2:00 PM. Once your group is called you have one hour to report back to the front of Rise of the Resistance and save the galaxy. The Resistance is counting on you.

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