10 Magic Kingdom Tips We Know You’ll Use

10. Stay For Kiss Goodnight -- After a long day in the Magic Kingdom, many guests might be tempted to head straight for the exits to go home and relax, but by doing so they end up missing out on some special moments. Leaving with the crowds results in long lines at the monorail, bus, and boat stations and leaves guests stuck in heavy crowds that could otherwise be avoided. Those who stay to the very end of the day should instead opt to stick around for a little bit and soak in the ambiance and atmosphere of the park quieting down for the night. There is also a very special show that occurs at Cinderella Castle about a half hour after park closing. The Kiss Goodnight features special music and lighting on Cinderella Castle paired with a speech thanking guests for spending their day in the most magical place on Earth. This special moment is one that many guests miss out on since they leave either early or right when the park closes. A great tip is to definitely stay in the Magic Kingdom after it closes to enjoy the quietness and this special Kiss Goodnight.