10 Iconic Foods At Disney Your Family Will Love

3. Citrus Swirl -- Guests who are looking to enjoy a refreshing treat with a citrusy twists should definitely head to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom. Located across from the Swiss Family Treehouse is the Sunshine Tree Terrace which serves up various refreshments and ice cream. The most popular item offered at Sunshine Tree Terrace is the Citrus Swirl which is so delicious the entire family is sure to love it. Citrus Swirls combine frozen orange slushy with vanilla soft serve ice cream in a swirled pattern. Combining refreshing coolness, a zing from the orange, and sweetness from the vanilla, Citrus Swirls are the perfect combination of al flavors to make a wonderful snack. For those who are looking to add a little oomph to their Citrus Swirl, it can also be ordered as a float served over orange soda! Guests who want to enjoy a refreshing Citrus Swirl definitely have to stop by Sunshine Tree Terrace!