10 Iconic Foods At Disney Your Family Will Love

5. Popcorn -- Perhaps no theme park treat is as iconic as traditional popcorn. The salty and buttery smell of the treat is sure to make every guest feel like a kid again, and it is a great option for the whole family to share. Popcorn stands are located throughout all four of the theme parks in Walt Disney World and can definitely be smelled from a ways away. One of the best locations to enjoy popcorn is just inside the main entrance to the Magic Kingdom. Many guests learn to associate the smell of popcorn with Main Street as the popcorn stand is found just as they take their first few steps in the area. Main Street is a wonderful location to enjoy slowly while indulging in an iconic box of popcorn. In addition to being able to purchase small cardboard boxes of popcorn, there are souvenir buckets offered for sale in various locations throughout Walt Disney World. These popcorn buckets are often themed base upon where they are sold and they are larger than the cardboard option. In addition, popcorn buckets are often refillable for a discounted price, making it a popcorn lover’s dream throughout any visit to Walt Disney World!