10 Iconic Foods At Disney Your Family Will Love

6. Grey Stuff -- There are plenty of Disney animated classic films that guests adore, but one in particular is a favorite of many. Beauty and the Beast is very present throughout the parks as guests can meet Belle, enjoy a retelling of the story of her and the Beast falling in love at Enchanted Tales with Belle, and also enjoy a one of a kind dining experience that brings them straight into the film. Be Our Guest Restaurant is located in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland and invites guests to step inside the Beast’s castle to dine on cuisine inspired by French cooking traditions. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, guests love to enjoy a meal in Be Our Guest Restaurant and they always leave room for an iconic Disney dessert inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Guests absolutely love the Grey Stuff that is served at the location and was inspired by the song of the same title. The Grey Stuff is available to try as the frosting on the Master’s Cupcake at every meal!