10 Iconic Foods At Disney Your Family Will Love

1. Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar -- While there are many iconic snacks throughout Walt Disney World that the whole family is sure to love, there is one snack so recognizable and so delectable that it easily takes the top spot. The Mickey Ice Cream Premium Bar is the favorite snack of many guests who visit Walt Disney World and it can literally be found everywhere throughout property including the theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, and Disney Resorts. Guests can often times find it being sold in the quick service locations at their Disney Resorts or from small ice cream carts scattered throughout all of the parks. The Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar features vanilla ice cream coated in rich chocolate on a stick and shaped like Mickey himself. Not only are the flavors so delicious and perfectly paired, but it is an easy snack to enjoy on the go and also take photos with! Many guests have at least one photo or amazing memory of them enjoying Walt Disney World with a Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar in hand, and it is easy to see why it is so beloved. No trip to Walt Disney World is complete without indulging in the iconic Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar!

By Caitlin Kane