10 Experiences You Cannot Miss at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom


6) Avatar: Flight of Passage

Since this spectacular attraction opened in May of 2017, it has been a favorite among Guests—wowing Avatar fans, as well as Guests who’ve never seen the feature film. Flight of Passage is a simulation experience—one that takes place on the back of a mountain banshee on the moon of Pandora. Bonding with and handling a mountain banshee is an important ceremonial rite of passage for a Na’vi warrior and hunter, and Guests are invited to test their skill in this rite of passage too. Put on your 3D glasses and hold on tight as the banshee takes you on a journey across Pandora. Take in spectacular beauty as you soar over rocks and under cliffs—and all while never leaving your seat inside the attraction’s building. FastPass+ service is available for this experience and since peak seasons sometimes see wait times of 180 minutes and more, you’ll want to secure one before heading to the park—but whatever you do, don’t miss this one! (Photo credit: Disney)