10 Experiences That No Longer Exist at Walt Disney World

6) The Maelstrom – EPCOT, 1988 – 2014

The Maelstrom was a dark ride aboard a Norwegian Viking vessel inside the Norway pavilion at EPCOT on the World Showcase. Its maiden voyage took place in 1988β€”the same year the Norway pavilion opened at EPCOT. Guests took their final voyage on the Maelstrom attraction in 2014 when the attraction was closed to make way for a new Frozen-themed boat ride. The Maelstrom gave Guests a look at Norwegian mythology as the vessels took them on a journey through an enchanted swamp and down a 28-foot high waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall, Guests found themselves on the North Sea, dangerously close to an oil rig. Guests then disembarked in a Norwegian harbor before entering a screening room where a short film was shown about Norway.

Today, Guests can experience Frozen Ever After, which is similar to the Maelstrom attraction in several ways. The Frozen-inspired journey takes place aboard a Norwegian vessel and makes use of the same track that was in place in the previous attraction. (Photo credit: Dad’s Guide to WDW)