10 Essential Experiences You Must Have At Walt Disney World’s Epcot

2. World Showcase Attractions -- In addition to the wonderful details, World Showcase is home to several attractions, some of which often go overlooked by guests. In the Mexico Pavilion, the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros brings guests on a humorous tour of Mexico with Panchito and Jose as they search for Donald. The Norway Pavilion is home to Frozen Ever After which brings the insanely popular film Frozen to life as guests visit Elsa’s palace for a summer celebration. Reflections of China can be found in the heart of the China Pavilion and features a wonderful film that showcases the culture and people of the country. The France Pavilion invites guests to enjoy Impressions de France which features beautiful views of iconic locations in France paired with classical French composers. Finally, the Canada Pavilion is home to O Canada! which features a three hundred and sixty degree film to fully immerse guests in the spirit and history of Canada.