10 Elusive Meet-and-Greets at Walt Disney World

7) Merida

Finding the beautiful strong-willed Scottish princess at Walt Disney World is not necessarily difficult. The red-headed heiress regularly meets adoring fans at Fairytale Garden inside Magic Kingdom. The difficult part is braving the queue to meet her, get her autograph and pose for photos with her. That’s because of all the characters you can meet at Disney World, Merida is one who consistently draws large crowds of Guests lined up from Fairytale Garden all the way back to Cinderella Fountain. The queue can be somewhat deceiving initially, as it looks shorter than it really is. That’s because once you’re inside Fairytale Garden, you’ve still got a lengthy wait to get to meet Merida. It’s often a good idea to get to Magic Kingdom at opening and make meeting Merida your first experience of the day. At other times of the day, you can easily find yourself waiting in line for 1 – 1 ½ hours, and much of that wait is not in the shade. (Photo credit: Disney)