10 Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Day at Walt Disney World

7. Don’t buy those souvenirs just yet.

No doubt you and the kids will see lots of trinkets, gadgets, clothing, toys, plush, pins, artwork and more if you happen inside any one of the many Disney shops as you explore the park on your first day at Disney World. But don’t buy those souvenirs on your first day—for two reasons. First, you’ll have to keep up with those souvenirs for the entirety of your trip, either in your resort hotel room or at your off-property location. Second, you don’t want to buy that souvenir you’ve just got to have on day one because chances are that you’ll find several somethings you’ve “just got to have” throughout your time in the parks. It’s better to wait to make those purchases so that you’re happy with what you’ve bought and so you don’t have to keep tabs on those things while you’re on vacation.