10 Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Day at Walt Disney World

9. Don’t over-plan your first day.

Disney World is a big place. Bigger than the island of Manhattan. We’re talking 47 square miles of Disney property. And because it’s such a big wonderful place with a myriad of offerings for entertainment of all kinds, you’re going to want to do some planning. You’re going to need to do some planning. But there is such a thing as over-planning and doing so can sabotage your first day (and any day thereafter). When you’re creating an itinerary for your first day, be sure to include the FastPass+ selections you have made, as well as any dining reservations. But beyond that, you should only loosely plan your day. That’s because Disney World is unique in that it’s the one vacation destination at which you can actually have a better time with less rigid planning. Ask anyone who’s a Disney fanatic and frequents the parks—the most magic happens incidentally, and not because it was completely planned out. That’s what makes it magic!