10 Do’s and Don’ts for Using the PhotoPass System at Walt Disney World

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A vacation at Walt Disney World is both magical and busy—magical because it’s Disney and busy because there’s so much to explore, enjoy, eat, see and do. And you’ll want to have tangible pieces of your vacation once you’re back home—especially ones that remind you of all the joy you shared in just being together at Disney World. And nothing makes a better memento from a trip than a photograph. Pictures from your experiences in the parks forever memorialize the time you and your loved ones spent at the most magical place on earth, and they are priceless! Thankfully Walt Disney World has a wonderful system in place that not only ensures you leave with quality photographs of your time at Disney—it also allows you to do more of the experiencing and less of the picture-taking. (How many of us are guilty of taking vacations through the eyes of a camera lens?) Disney’s PhotoPass system includes hundreds of skilled photographers whose sole job is to photograph Guests during their time at Disney World. If you’re not familiar with PhotoPass, check out this list of 10 do’s and don’ts regarding this magical system.

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