10 Cool Things You Might Not Expect When Dining At Walt Disney World

  1. Authentic Worldly Cuisine -- Epcot’s World Showcase is home to eleven different pavilions that each bring a country of the world to life. Guests who enjoy time in the area can travel to countries like Mexico, China, Japan, Morocco, France, Canada, and more while enjoying architecture, culture, entertainment, shopping, artwork, details, and attractions which make them feel as though they have truly traveled the world. In addition to all of these amazing details and experiences in each World Showcase Pavilion, each country is also home to at least one full service and one quick service dining location. Thus allows guests to enjoy authentic cuisine from eleven different countries in all sorts of settings.

Guests can opt to dine in Mexico at the San Angel Inn Restaurante where they can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine in an open air nighttime market on the water. The France Pavilion is home to Monsieur Paul, a delicious dinner only option that serves up authentic French cuisine in a regal but tasteful environment. Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion brings guests into a cozy wine cellar where they can dine on steakhouse classics infused with Canadian flavors. The China Pavilion is home to the beautiful Nine Dragons Restaurant which features wonderful views of World Showcase and details including bright reds and golds with intricate designs. The Rose & Crown Dining Room in the UK Pavilion is one of the most popular full service dining locations as guests love the small pub feel with traditional British pub faire. While these options are all amazing, they are only a fraction of those available in World Showcase that offer guests the chance to enjoy worldly cuisine without ever leaving Epcot!