10 Cool Things You Might Not Expect When Dining At Walt Disney World

  1. Corny Humor -- Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom is home to one of the most beloved attractions in Walt Disney World. The Jungle Cruise brings guests on a tour of some of the most exotic and remote rivers in the world while encountering everything from a crumbling temple and roaring tiger to bathing elephants and the backside of water. What makes the Jungle Cruise so unique and loved by guests are the hysterical skippers that man each boat and narrate the adventure with corny and dry humor that is sure to leave guests groaning and chuckling. Guests who can’t get enough of the skippers can luckily find them in another location in Adventureland that also serves up some worldly and delicious food.

The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen is a full service restaurant owned and operated by the skippers from the Jungle Cruise. Open daily for lunch and dinner, guests who enjoy a meal at the location can dine in the Mess Hall, Jungle Room, or S.E.A. Room and enjoy service by the world famous skippers. The skippers have clearly influenced everything from the interesting and random décor to the perfectly named menu options. Guests will absolutely love ordering up appropriately named options like the Falls Family Falafel, Ginger’s “Croc” of Hot-and-Sour Soup, Dr. Fall’s Signature Grilled Steak, “Tastes like Chicken” - Because it is!, and Nile Nellie’s Noodle Bowl with Duck. With wonderful menu options and the hysterical skippers leading the experience, any meal at the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen is sure to be amazing.  (Photo credit Rachel Carl and Chipandco.com)