10 Closed Walt Disney World Attractions That We Miss

3) The original Journey into Imagination, EPCOT (1983-1998) You can still experience the Journey into Imagination attraction at EPCOT, but it is very different from the original version. The original ride was 14 minutes long in duration. Guests boarded an omnimover vehicle and were hosted by Dreamfinder. Figment the dragon was created out of the Dreamcatcher. The ride was a trip through the imaginations of Dreamfinder and Figment. It then took Guests through four areas of the imagination: an artistic area, a nightmare/book area, a show-biz/acting area and a science area. “One Little Spark (of inspiration)” played throughout the ride. The new version completely leaves out Dreamfinder, and Nigel Channing is instead the host. Thankfully, the beloved Figment was not removed from the attraction. (Photo credit: Disney) Note: Figment is the only Disney character created solely for an attraction in the parks.