10 Classic Attractions That Haven’t Changed at Walt Disney World

10. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

This classic gondola ride, inspired by Disney’s 1941 Dumbo, hasn’t changed at its core. You and another Guest can fly high or low—you control whether Dumbo soars skyward or flies close to the ground with the handle inside your gondola. The ride itself is one of the classics that hasn’t changed. There have been a couple of changes to the area around the ride. In fact, in 2014 when the new Fantasyland expansion opened, the Dumbo attraction had been moved—it used to sit very near Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel at Magic Kingdom. There are also now two sets of Dumbo gondolas, but that just means that more Guests can experience this classic ride. Disney fans love that a huge interactive queue with a circus-themed play area has been added so that families have a fun attraction to experience before the main event. But since the ride itself is a classic that hasn’t changed, we are happy to include it on our list. We hope it stays just like this forever!