10 Classic Attractions That Haven’t Changed at Walt Disney World

2. Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle stands almost 19 stories high (189 feet) from the concrete bottom of its moat to the top of its tallest spire, and it took 18 months to build it. Though it’s not a ride, the castle itself is quite a spectacle, and it symbolizes the “classic-ness” of Disney World. We are ecstatic that the castle hasn’t changed—it’s so perfect just the way it was built in 1971! Beautiful artwork adorns the main corridor of the castle. If you walk directly through the corridor, you will be in Fantasyland, but don’t rush to Fantasyland—you’ll miss the the five handcrafted mosaic murals on the walls of the castle corridor. They are beautiful displays of artwork that depict scenes from the story of Cinderella. Over 1 million pieces of glass in 500 different colors were used to create the mosaics. Some of the mosaics are even made of pieces of 14 karat gold and silver. Thank you, Imagineers, for keeping Cinderella Castle just like it is! (And for keeping it in tip-top shape!)