10 Cart Foods You’ll Love at Walt Disney World

8.) Caramel Chocolate Squares – Werther’s Karamell-Kuche, Germany Pavilion, EPCOT

Werther’s Karamell-Kuche, which is German for “caramel kitchen” is a tiny shop presented by Werther’s Originals at the Germany pavilion at EPCOT. The shop sells Werther’s gourmet popcorn, Werther’s candies and lots of goodies from under the case like fudge and chocolates. One of the best (you can’t go wrong with any choice here) is the caramel chocolate square sold from under the case at Karamell-Kuche. From time to time the choices in squares change, but the best—especially if you don’t like added fruity or floral flavors in your chocolate—are the chocolate caramel squares. Step right up and a Cast Member will be happy to assist you with items under the case. Enjoy! (Photo credit: Disney)