Walt Disney World’s World of Disney Made Changes to Stitch Statue

Stitch has been a staple at one of the World of Disney entrances for a long time.  World of Disney is one of the largest Disney stores in all of Walt Disney World where guests are able to shop for a variety of different items including apparel, home goods, jewelry, toys and more. The store is made of several different large rooms and it is easy to get lost in there if you aren’t careful.  Guests were concerned when Stitch wasn’t sitting on top of one of the main entrances to the location for a period of time.  Stitch was notorious for “spitting” (shooting water) on guests in front of the entrance, which was usually a welcome act on a hot Florida day.    Stitch as returned to his spot, but the water shooting feature has been turned off.  We aren’t sure if it is turned off permanently or if the change will only be temporary.

The World of Disney merchandise location has been undergoing a large amount of construction.  There have been areas of the store completely shut down so that interior work can be completed. Other stores around Disney Springs are carrying World of Disney merchandise so that guests can still shop for all of the great items until the construction is complete.  It is possible that the water feature will be restored once the construction at the location is complete, we just don’t know for sure yet.

How many of you have been “spit on” by Stitch while in Disney Springs?

About Christy Caby

I am a long time Disney addict! This love began as a child and stayed with me in my teen years. I completed the Disney College Program, was engaged and honeymooned at Disney, visited WDW while pregnant with each of our two boys, and have brought our boys since they were babies (they are now 5 and 2).