Walt Disney World’s Festival of Fantasy Parade Changing From 3PM to 2PM

If you are a regular at the Magic Kingdom, you may have heard reference to the 3 o’clock parade.  The 3 o’clock parade has been the standard time for the daily parade at the Magic Kingdom for many years.  It appears that the time for the Festival of Fantasy parade will be changing from the usual 3 o’clock to a 2 o’clock time slot.  According to My Disney Experience and the Disney website, the change will go into effect starting August 20th.  There has been no official announcement as to the reason for this change, but there are a few speculations for why Disney might decide to make this time change.

We posted previously about the possibility of Paint the Night coming to the Magic Kingdom.  It is an evening parade with lighting effects.  If it comes to the Magic Kingdom, an earlier parade time for Festival of Fantasy may make more sense logistically so that it spreads out the timing of events.  During peak seasons and holidays, it is common for Festival of Fantasy to be performed twice in a day.  The earlier show time may make it easier to fit in an extra showing.

Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t have a drastic impact to the happenings in the Magic Kingdom on a daily basis.  What do you all think of this change?

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