Walt Disney World’s Character in Flight Will Have a New Name

There is a massive helium-filled balloon that flies high over Disney Springs each day, currently known as Character in Flight.  We have learned that the balloon will now have a new name.  The new name will be “Aerophile – The World Leader in Balloon Flight”.  This name comes from the French company that actually manufactured and provides the daily operation of the balloon.  The name change isn’t a complete surprise since the balloon was completely redesigned earlier this year.  With the new design, it removed all Disney characters from the exterior of the balloon.  The name didn’t make much sense anymore without characters on it.

This new name change is now reflected on the Walt Disney World website, maps and other materials associated with the now “Aerophile – The World Leader in Balloon Flight”.  The balloon flies every day at Disney Springs, weather permitting.  There is a charge per person to take a flight and go hundreds of feet in the air overlooking Walt Disney World.  Guests are completely caged in during their flight, and multiple parties go together at a time.  The balloon is helium-filled and not a hot air balloon, which is a popular misconception.  The balloon is refilled with helium every few months to ensure it can safely fly.

What do you think of this new name?  It isn’t very “Disney” themed and neither is the balloon design, which was disappointing.

About Christy Caby

I am a long time Disney addict! This love began as a child and stayed with me in my teen years. I completed the Disney College Program, was engaged and honeymooned at Disney, visited WDW while pregnant with each of our two boys, and have brought our boys since they were babies (they are now 5 and 2).