Walt Disney World Offers Secret Menu at All-Star Movies Resort

We are so excited to learn that Disney’s All-Star Movie Resort is offering a super secret menu that you have to ask about to sample it for yourself.  This is all occurring at the World Premiere Food Court, the main quick service food court for the entire resort.  The resort doesn’t have a table service restaurant or many other dining options, so the food court is quite large with a lot of different fun options.  The super secret menu is another one of the exciting things to look forward to.  If you want to check out the secret menu items, you will have to head over to the Roxy counter.  Once you are there you can ask a cast member about the secret menu items.  What will happen is that they bring out a briefcase that have Viewfinders inside.  You can click through the images on the Viewfinder to look through the secret menu.  We have the secret menu items below if you want to have the spoiler of knowing what they are.  If you don’t want to know, then you will definitely want to stop reading now.  If you are intrigued, then keep reading.

Here is the list of secret menu items that you could enjoy:

  • Bacon Mac and Cheese Dog – $12.29
  • Poutine with Gravy and Cheese Curds – $7.99
  • Cinnamon Bun Burger – $14.99 (Yes, you read that right!  A cinnamon bun burger.  It is a cinnamon roll cut like a bun with a burger and candied bacon on it to complete the burger!)

What do you all think of this secret menu and the cool experience to check it out?  It is very possible that the secret menu could change periodically, so we will keep you posted if we hear of any changes.

Who is going to go out and ask for the secret menu?

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