Walt Disney World Closing Fun Finds to Open Star Wars Store and Other Store Changes

Disney has announced a shopping location closure at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.  Fun Finds, a store once notorious for discount and discontinued merchandise as well as a random mix of other fun souvenirs, is now closed permanently.  During the closure, the store will be completely re-themed and will re-open as a Star Wars themed store.  We haven’t heard if there will be any new experiences or limited merchandises associated with the new store, but we sure hope there will be.  We don’t know what the name of the location will be changed to or when the location will re-open.


Disney has started adding unique and customized shopping experiences at various shopping locations around Walt Disney World, so we really hope that they will do something at this new Star Wars location.  We do know that the Star Wars section of Once Upon a Toy is closing on July 31st in order to complete refurbishments to create a new Star Wars experience there.  We would assume this experience is a shopping-related experience.  We don’t know yet when the section of Once Upon a Toy will be back open to the public.

There is also another store in the area called Leather Kiosk.  This store has now closed permanently in addition to all of the other changes.  We don’t know if yet if there will be another kiosk in its place.

What do you all think of these shopping changes?

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