Walt Disney World Changing Stitch’s Great Escape to “Alien Encounter Character Greeting”

Stitch’s Great Escape, an immersive attraction in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, receives a lot of negative feedback and opinions from many of the guests out there on the fan blogs and groups.  It typically didn’t have much of a wait time and was changed to be a seasonal attraction that was only opened during peak seasons and months at Walt Disney World.  Due to a sign change it appears that the location for the attraction will be offering a new “Alien Encounter Character Greeting”.  The main sign for the attraction as well as other signs in the area have been updated with that verbiage.



Stitch’s Great Escape has been the subject of many rumors previously to this signage being added.  There were rumors circulating that a Wreck-It Ralph attraction could be in store to take over the location.  This could still be possible and the character greeting offering is only a limited time offering.

We have no idea yet what we can expect with this character greeting and who all will be there.  We don’t know if there will be any other unique elements to the character greeting that make it different from others in the area.  We also don’t know for sure when the new character greeting is expected to open, so hopefully we learn more of those details, too.

What would you guys like out of this new “Alien Encounter Character Greeting’?

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