Walt Disney World Announced “Connect to Protect” Interactive Conservation for Pandora – The World of Avatar

As if Pandora – The World of Avatar wasn’t exciting enough, Disney just keeps on adding more and more to the new themed land set to open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  Today, Disney announced a new interactive experience called “Connect to Protect”.  This mobile interactive adventure creates a fun way to support conservation efforts while visiting Pandora – The World of Avatar.  The experience will use the My Disney Experience app to let guests participate in different scientific missions that explore conservation and protecting the Earth.

When guests enter Pandora and load My Disney Experience, they will receive an invitation to have instant messages with ecological specialist, Fitsimti “Fits” Buckley.  The interactions with Fits will take you all over Pandora, highlighting different components of the Pandora environment and how to preserve the environment.  These methods and missions will apply to conservation on Pandora and on Earth.  Once one or more of the missions are completed, a $10 contribution to the Disney Conservation Fund will be unlocked and donated from Disney Parks.  A $5 contribution will be unlocked just for discussing confirmation with Fits. Once a contribution is unlocked, the guests gets to select which endangered habitat the funds will go to help.  The are 10 options and they are:  apes, butterflies, coral reefs, elephants, cranes, monkeys, rhinos, sea turtles, sharks and rays, and tigers.  How cool is that?

This is such a neat way to educate guests on the importance of conservation and also allow guests to give back to a cause they care the most about without any extra cost from the guests.  Guests can still also donate to the Disney Conservation Fund while they are at the park if they wish to contribute additional funds.

Who can’t wait to check this out within My Disney Experience?

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