Walt Disney World Adds Lighthouse Sculpture in Honor of Lane Graves

We announced previously that there would be a lighthouse sculpture commissioned for Walt Disney World in order to honor the memory of Lane Graves on property.  At that time, we didn’t know where the sculpture would be placed, but now the sculpture has been revealed in its permanent home.  The new lighthouse sculpture has been unveiled and is permanently located at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa near where poor Lane Graves suffered a fatal tragedy that took his life.  A lighthouse was selected as it is the symbol for the Lane Thomas Foundation, a foundation established by Lane’s family in which to support pediatric organ donation and the impact that it makes to so many people.

Lane was playing in the shore area of the beach at Grand Floridian Resort & Spa splashing in the water when an alligator pulled him under the water.  His father, Matt Graves, attempted to fight off the gator and save Lane, but sadly was unsuccessful.  His body was recovered the following morning after an all night search by rescue teams.  The death was ruled an accident, and is probably the most tragic event to ever occur at Walt Disney World.  There had never been a fatal attack on property and only 1 previous attack ever in the history of Walt Disney World.

Since the attack Disney has closed off beach areas, updated additional signs that warn about alligators and snakes in the area, and put up additional fencing and rock barriers to help ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. The family announced that no lawsuit would be filed against Disney for the tragic event.

Our thoughts still go out to this family as they continue to heal after this tragedy occurred.  It is awesome that they are working to help other families as a way to preserve his memory.

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