Tax Rate Changing in 2017 for Bookings at All Star Resorts in Walt Disney World

Starting in 2017, the Osceola County tax rate for combined state and local taxes will be 7.5%.  This is a 1% increase from the 6.5% rate from 2016.  The All Star Resorts are the only resorts impacted because these resorts actually reside in Osceola County rather than Orange County like the rest of Walt Disney World.  This rate increase will only impact room booking taxes and not food or merchandise purchases that are made while staying there.  This change will be applied to vacations, even if you booked your vacation in 2016.

Walt Disney World is huge!  It actually covers 40 square miles, and much of it is undeveloped.  This is how part of Walt Disney World is able to reside in two different counties.  There are plans for additional resorts and development on the land, so more may start to be developed and fall subject to these same tax changes.

About Christy Caby

I am a long time Disney addict! This love began as a child and stayed with me in my teen years. I completed the Disney College Program, was engaged and honeymooned at Disney, visited WDW while pregnant with each of our two boys, and have brought our boys since they were babies (they are now 5 and 2).